Line's guide to eating a full day of vitamins:
This is a guesstimate based on nutritional data I have found on the web. I am unsure of it's accuracy (They say don't trust what is on the Internet don't "they"?).

Vitamin E:
100 raw almonds = 100% of your vitamin E.

Vitamin C:
1 Red Bell Pepper raw, top and seeds removed = 157% of your Vitamin C ( and 16% of your Vitamin A. )
Source: WHFoods

Vitamin A:
1 cup of a baked sweet potato = 214% of your Vitamin A
1 cup spinach = 105% vitamin A. & 987% Vitamin K:
Source: WHFoods

Vegetarian/Vegan B-12, Folic Acid and B-6:
Sublingual Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg), B6 (5mg), Folic Acid(400 mcg) & Biotin (25mcg) - 250 Sublingual Tablets - Formulated with methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12.