How To Upload Your Files via FTP

If you're using a windows computer and you know your ftp (file transfer protocol) username/password for your web hosting on godaddy. (This is not your login/pw [This will be a separate username/password specifically to the server where your files are hosted]) Hold Windows Key + R key to open the "run" prompt, type in your ftp address a'la if your domain name is (using my url as an example) then your ftp would be something like , After hitting the enter key in that run window, a explorer window should open and you'll be prompted to enter the ftp user/password. If it let's you in as It should, then you will see your server files and you can drag and drop your files into there into the appropriate folder.. As u/tres_cervezas said above, it may be that you have to double click into a public_html directory and drop your files into there for the files to be viewed at your domain name.